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36 thoughts on “Stan (Kroenke vs. Wenger; Arsenal remix)”

  1. I’m a liverpool fan but av a soft spot for the gunners but this is fekin hilarious and true enuf ta whats goin on….

  2. Got to love this even as an Arsenal Fan,even though I still love Wenger and I still want him as the Arsenal manager 🙂

    p.s. Arsene we really should play 4-4-2

  3. im an arsenal fan and this just cracked me up good. i cant stop laughing and hitting replay…this is excellent, man.

  4. This his fucking great. Until it makes me sad and I cry alone, in the corner naked covered in vaseline.

  5. I found this funny in a sad sorta way…. Because a lot of it is true!!! Wenger should have sold fabregas already and bought Mata and Samba and Alvarez and maybe Jagielka he’s a good defender but his pace sucks!!! Any want dynamic attackers how the fuck do u let a player like N’zogbia change clubs for what seemed like not that much money without ever enquiring about him!!! That’s the stuff that pisses me off!!!

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