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37 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger On The Futures Of Cesc Fabregas And Samir Nasri – 11/08/11”

  1. @PlayerKillerRS What about Clichy? Let City have him and Nasri, they’ll screw up evantually and it won’t be on Arsenal’s head 🙂

  2. @OriginalYTName I’m a Arsenal fan and I really hope Wenger gets sacked! Give us a manager who can actually do something! Is Modric going to Chelsea or staying with Spurs?

  3. @eldamoza21 yh but did he play a big part? i barely heard of him when he was at inter and when he was at man city, becoz mainly he was a bench warmer thts wat many arsenal players hav gone on to become after leaving arsenal.

  4. @arsenalfan2800 after listening to his press conference today he seemed content with his current team so i don’t think any signings will be made

  5. @PlayerKillerRS patrick viera left and went on to win a champions league with inter and an fa cup with city

  6. the manager is 2 naiev
    youll never win anything with kids
    believe me we need physicality in our squad
    chelsea player are all obove 14 stone n are power houses

  7. I’m a Spurs fan and even I kind of empathise with Arsenal, they try and run their club properly and then greedy cunts like Nasri mess it up.

    I know being a Yid I should hate Arsenal the most but I hate City quite a bit more these days.

  8. i will always have respect for cesc fabregas because he is only moving to the club he supported since he was 9 year old.
    nasri has lost all respect in my view he is only moving there for the money, and i am very sure he is going to end up same place as adebayor and toure.
    btw how many players who have left arsenal succeeded with thier career anyone name a few?

  9. @lachytheleprecorn Also if you look at the way the odds at the bookies have shifted lately, they usually know something

  10. Just read that Wenger talked to the club’s Chief Executive and said to finalize the deal for Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. Reported 60m fee, Nasri will be transfered to Manchester City and Fabregas to Barcelona. Our two best players have abandoned ship. We’ll have to see what our new signings can do. I hope Wenger can deliver and give us a CHAMPIONS finish. Doesn’t have to be Premier League, but at least the Carling Cup? 🙂

  11. Come on people. Enough with the pessimism. Season ain’t even started and everyone is depressed. Lets get behind the team and give them a chance. We came really close last season, frustratingly close. A few major events didn’t go our way. I am positive that even without cesc and samir we can still win the league. Ramsey and wilshere can plug the hole and they actually want to play for the club and are worthy of the shirt.

  12. @SodaLake59 Im a fucking season ticket holder mate have been since we moved to the emirates. I was on the waiting list for years. You live in spain mate, so i guess we can see who the real fan is. I got no respect for him leaving without winning a trophy. It’s spineless and gutless and shows he’s not a winner. He ain’t fit for the jersey. Arsene Wenger has been an absolute pillar for the club. He’s worked miracles with the budget available. Tired of all this pessimism season aint even started

  13. @Pomaori The guy never disrespected the club, played to the best of his ability, and kept his desire to leave quiet. You’re obviously not a real Arsenal fan if you don’t remember these things and blatantly attack him. The manager is the one at fault for not having made the team adequate enough for him to play in with the depth to win a title.

  14. The beginning of the end for Arsenal

    Mark my words, Arsenal will seriously struggle without these 2 (their 2 only playmakers), fans will turn on Wenger, he’ll continue to buy unknown youngsters, may even get the sack a couple years down the line. Good bye Arsenal and hello City, Spurs, Liverpool who are all on the up

  15. 24 mil for Nasri, a player who had a good half a season, in three seasons, and then faded again, not bothered about losing him tbh. I’m sure we’ll go out and buy another 17 year old replacement to be sold to City in another 4-5 years.

  16. I came back from the future Arsenal is fifth Man City is giving lots of problems to Man Utd for the league as well as Chelsea and Liverpool. Looks like no trophies for Arsenal next year….. again.

  17. MAN U

  18. Fabregas is a coward. No respect. Leaving thee club without winning a trophy is gutless. Good riddance.

  19. Arsenal should have been in this situation weeks ago. You can’t have your captain leave on the week of the new season.

    arsenal have been too weak in all of this

  20. Quotes from BBC sport:

    They average 2.04 goals per league game with him in the team but 1.52 without him, concede 0.92 when he plays and 1.07 when he does not, win 59% of games with him and 44% without him, and pick up 2.01 points per match with him but only 1.65 when he is absent.

    Europe’s leading 5 league chances created 2006-2011:

    1 Fabregas – 466

    2 Xavi – 455

    3 Lampard – 452

    4 Pizarro – 427

    5 Diego – 423

    6 Gerard – 396

    7 Totti – 378

    8 Giggs – 365

    9 Nene – 361

    10 Downing – 355

  21. arsenal is a fail without cesc, cant win a FA cup game at home without cesc, cant beat the 10 working men of blackburn at the emirates, who is going to feed hungry strikers in the likes of van persie?

    arsenal losing fabregas is like a roundabout without the middling pivot to support everything and will just collapse.

    arsenal fans are being overly optimistic about future prospects and the extra money to buy new players. no amount of new players will replace cesc fabregas.

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