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26 thoughts on “Carlos Vela – The Rising Star of Arsenal**NEW** HD”

  1. In my opinion, I think the arsenal manager is on crack. This guy is too amazing cor him to be riding on the bench so much…shame on you arsene

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  3. If he really comes to Anderlecht, I’ll be there every week, just to see him playing.

  4. i believe carlos vela is one of the most talented player he just has a bit of bad luck and needs more play time i will love to see him at his skill level when he was playing for salamonca you should see what he did to sergio ramos i just hope he gets back at the level he needs to be at so he can be one of the best players of the world

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  6. i know a good player when i see one and vela is pure quality, he is a skilled player as well as a good finisher but he is lazy and a drunk, he is still young and he can still be saved, he needs some sort of motivation in his life.

  7. @THE6PLAYER9 Depends who you talk to , after winning Golden boot of the U-17, while Javier Hernandez was injured, He went from chivas, to play on Loan to Celta Vigo, UD Salamanca, and Osasuna, before playing for the Arsenal FC, and right now he’s on loan to West Brom because Wenger has to many strikers, he needs to listen to the fans and sell Bendtner.

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  13. Vela is the second best finisher at Arsenal. Wenger did the right thing by loaning him out, lets see if he plays at WBA upfront or in wide areas. Who knows he might be the eventual successor to Arshavin position on the left next season if his loan goes to plan or second in the pecking order as our ST updront

  14. Vela had it all to be the best stricker in the world. Shit sum of his best goals were when he was 19(and still confident), makin chiped shots in the way messi does now. but weng has broken velas spirit and fight 4 a spot. He’s 21 now, every time vela played hed play his heart out with no end result. Shit even I’d give up on tryn w that type of treatment. I hope that in bolton he can get bk to his old self n hope bolton plays ars. N ars looses cuz of vela

  15. @THE6PLAYER9 he use to play for chivas de guadaljara (same as chicharito), but he wasn’t on the first team. He was only 17 (or younger) and after winning the world cup, Arsenal bought him.

  16. @alulile vela es muy bueno jugador pero no puedes decir ke es mejor ke el chicharito eso no puede sr mira al chicharito y todo lo ke a hecho

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