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25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas’ emotional tribute to Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger”

  1. Absolute legend, I’m so happy he has finally been able to move to barca and just at the right time I think! Best of luck to an incredible player. I dislike Barcelona a little bit less now 😛 Thanks for everything

  2. ive been watching his compilations more than a few times. The sad thing is that now, there is not one player, maybe wilshere at arsenal worth having a compilation. Wenger, do your JOB and sign a replacement. A crowdpleaser, or you will witness many empty seats and hear a lot of boos.

  3. @ShaneOheff8 Thierry didn’t play alone you need to remember. fabregas state “no player is larger than club”. I believe there were something bad running in the current team.

  4. Arsenal is the only team whereby all the players are able to speak good basic english. Just saying.

  5. Henry is the greatest player in our history. Cesc isn’t even top ten.

    arsene have him everything and he jumps ship. Hopefully we can concentrate on bringing through local players like frimpong or wilshere who actually are loyal to arsenal

  6. Respect for you Cesc 🙂 A true proffessional, a classy gentleman, and a world-class footballer. Good luck with everything, and thank you for your five years of service 🙂

    I think Arsenal were so damn unlucky last year… Had it not been for that Leage Cup Final slip-up and the red card against Barca… I seriously think Cesc would still be with us, and we would now be favourites for the title…

  7. @ivano1987 If we had not just beaten Barcelona in a game and was within one bad red card and a bendtner break away from beating them in the tie and had not had the best record verse the rest of the big 4 teams in england then I would have understood him jumping ship. Arsenal put everything into Fabregas and his generation so that when they hit their prime, the trophies would come. He bailed on that which is what is disappointing. Same reason why I don’t respect Nuri Sahin either.

  8. @Aamsetrok i don’t think he will.. this is bigger than the club / manager… it’s about the city, country, culture etc.. and his family’s there.. if he was to leave, i don’t think it would be arsenal, but anything can happen in football…

  9. @ShaneOheff8 big difference, henry was regularly winning trophies.. they are both legends imo, but different sorts of legends.

  10. @gunster10 Thierry gave his prime years to the club though. Much different then Fabregas who bailed on the cause. Henry is an Arsenal Legend. Fabregas is not.

  11. Sack this French bastard now! He’s the reason Arsenal are going to finish 8th this season, he had the chance to sign Juan Mata but didn’t even bother and now Chelsea have signed him. We have no creative midfielders or solid centre backs. SACK WENGER NOW!!!!!!!!!

  12. @starshiptraveller its not fun joining a team that is already winning trophies. because then you feel like you dont have such a big impact. on the team. instead its more exciting to build a team up with leadership and hardwork.

  13. if u say that then hleb is a barcelona legend right? fabregas won a trophy starting on the bench!! at arsenal he was a great midfielder at barcelona hes just a midfielder!

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