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25 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger On The Sale Of Samir Nasri To Manchester City”

  1. @PlayerKillerRS

    no-one actually liked garry cook anyway u fuckin retard. u have already mentioned this subject 3 times now previously and it’s gettin pretty boring to be honest. u are obviously running out of ammunition.

    i terrored u several times earlier and its got repetitive now so stop wasting ur time.

  2. @1bloodmanchester619 we got no future HAHAHAHAHA wait 2-3 years and you would be begging for european place when everyone knows that you will be out because of your wages haha no future for you idiot. and another thng i got to tell you, your board is a fucking cunt sending your players mum cancer message thats fucking disgusting no wonder people have no respect for your team Pride of manchester = MAN UTD fuck city !

  3. @PlayerKillerRS

    HAHA. LMAO!! says an Arsenal fan thats rich! all of ur players want to leave. u got no future. end of.

  4. @1bloodmanchester619 HAHAHA only west brom offered him a contract and spurs were considering but they didnt. i dont blame him to join you beacuse you were playing in CL. if club like chelsea offered him a contract do you really think he would have come to you LMFAO. two of the player that you had menstioned wanted to leave your club through out the whole summer. you talked about arrogance player like balo is the biggest lunatic in EPL. i dont blame him LUNATIC BUY LUNATIC PLAYERS typical MANCITY

  5. @PlayerKillerRS

    Hargreaves was offered contracts by West Brom, Everton, Spurs, Wolves and Bolton. So u are wrong by a fuckin mile once again.

    It makes me laugh how u keep goin on about Robinho. we have got Dzeko, Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli and many other fuckin mint players – WHERE AN EARTH WOULD ROBINHO FIT IN WITH THESE PLAYERS?? he wouldn’t even be able to challenge for a first-team role.

    If Fabregas, Clichy and Nasri left my club I would be concerned. but Robinho?? OMG lol.

  6. @1bloodmanchester619 16 YEAR OLD it is me or every player who leaves you,YOU tend to say the same thing for all of them. i think you cant accept the fact he REJECTED YOUR TEAM, the only reason hargreaves came to you because no one offered him a contract. listen all of the player that you have bought are only there for your money, the day they recieve higher wage contract they will REJECT YOUR TEAM, anyways i cant blame u ur manager doesnt know how much a player is worth n hw much he shd be payd

  7. @PlayerKillerRS

    You just don’t get it do you. Hargreaves is happy to stay on the bench cos he knows he isn’t good enough to start. Whereas Robinho actually thought he was good enough to start all of the time and he evidently wasn’t. He wasn’t prepared to CHALLENGE for a first-team role, he thinks everything should be gifted to him on a plate. His attitude stunk. He is like a 16-year old girl.

    LOL. I can tell you havn’t played football for a big team or else you would know all of this.

  8. @1bloodmanchester619 w8 but you said robhinos notgood enough but hargreves is right? and i love how tevez is on the bench haha now dnt tell me his not good enough idiot!

  9. @PlayerKillerRS

    I’m gettin pretty bored of your wild statements kid. none of them are correct.

    We signed Hargreaves as a backup player for 2 players that are already in rotation. Hargreaves will be lucky if he starts at all this season. So don’t start makin out that he is a big signing for the club lololol.

  10. @1bloodmanchester619 IM PRETTY SURE YOU SENT HIM OUT ON LOAN BECAUSE HE DIDNT WANT TO PLAY FOR YOU , SECOUNDLY i remember when you lot signed him your fans were crying to get him and yoU say he isnt good enough to play for you so owen hargreves is? james milner is ? garath barry is ? roque santa cruz is ? man city is the perfect club to go ruin your career so gl buying your trophies HAHA IF YOUR LUCKY.

  11. @PlayerKillerRS

    6 months? we had him for 2 years. and he wasn’t good enough to make the first team lol.

  12. @1bloodmanchester619 LMFAO the only reason you dont want to discuss about it because its a FACT. yeh he walked in the stadium which was blue but deep down i know for the fact he must of thought that he is in a club who he never of heard of. no wonder he left you with in 6 months and never wanted to come back to your club.
    ill rate him that he left your club because staying in your club would certainly mean ruining career. cant wait till uefa regulation, gl getting in CL wih your wage bill LMAO

  13. @PlayerKillerRS

    What you have just said is absolute bollocks and you know it. Brazilian newspapers have been known to bullshit and thats why hardly any of them have got valid licenses.

    He walked in a stadium that is decorated BLUE literally everywhere and signed the contract. So now you are making a statement that Robinho is COLOUR-BLIND now. ROFL !!

    I CBA discusssin this bullshit cos Robinho would never make the CITY team but he would CERTAINLY MAKE YOURS !!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!

  14. @1bloodmanchester619 gullable? that news was official in brazil. LMFAO! In Brazil they are only aware of 1 team in Manchester and that is United, it wouldn’t supprise me that when Madrid told him Manchester had made a bid he thought it was United which is why he agreed so quickly.

  15. @PlayerKillerRS

    That just shows how gullable you actually are to believe that Robinho thought he was signing for United.

    Thats just like saying that when Aguero signed for Athletico Madrid, he thought he was signing for Real Madrid.

    Or when Fabregas signed for Arsenal from Barca he actually thought he was signing for Chelsea.

    If you believe in this theory then you are extremely deluded.

  16. @1bloodmanchester619 kk but heyy your the club sending people cancer messages right how does that feel you idiot. thats why no one respects your club thats why you need to sign big players to make your club big. do you know what makes me laugh when robhino joined he thought he joined man utd not man city haha show which part of manchester is bigger Arsenal Pride of london.. MAN utd pride of manchester ! man city SCRAPE of the year

  17. @PlayerKillerRS

    We finished joint 2nd.

    You finished 4th.

    The statistics speak for themelves.

    I’ve not got anything more to say. Goodbye.

  18. @1bloodmanchester619 yh but if you say that we beat you 3-0 at your home ground remember and you came to our home ground and had to defend for the whole game. and anyways id like to also say this you have the shittest football style last year i remeber there were people sleeping when you were playing, and anyways gl getting in to the champions league after the regulation has entered haha your revenue is over turned by your wages. and you kno why you get big name players its to advertise ur club

  19. @PlayerKillerRS

    you have no football knowlege. HAHAHAHAHA !!! yeah WE BEAT Liverpool 3-0 at our home ground last season. .. whats your point?? are you actually getting to something here or is there just something wrong with you??? please do tell….. are you trying to rip me because my team beat Liverpool 3-0?? LMAO!!! you are a joker

  20. @1bloodmanchester619 clearly u have no understanding when you say oh we beat man utd 1-0 what does tht tell me your expecting to win again from them?. u destroyed me LMFAO ? you must be clear idiot how the hell you distroyed me, when its clearly me who distroyed you when i say you conceded 3 goals with your first team defence. i like to see you having to miss all of key defence players and have about 8 key players missing? should i tell you the score 3-0 liverpool in your home ground. DUMBSHIT

  21. @PlayerKillerRS

    When did i ever say we were relying on 1 result? .. you are quoting things that havn’t been said.

    I destroyed you in a previous comment so there’s nothing more u can really say.

    your excuse for losing 8-2 is that you had a player sent off .. but clearly, you had already conceded 6 GOALS before he was sent off. and then you want to come at us for conceding only 3??????

    I think its clear to see that YOU are the dumb one. period.

  22. @1bloodmanchester619 oh SHIT you have to one of the most dumbest guy i have ever spoken too. you sound like some 10 year old who doesnt even know what is going on in man city. yeh i did talk about fa cup, you cant just rely on you last year result 1-0 LMFO. talk about this year you have faced manchester united in CS and LOST 3-2. WITH YOU FULL 1ST TEAM DEFENCE. and you let in 3 goals LMFAO. if you didnt have the first team defence and had a man sent off you score would have been 8-2 8-2 haha.

  23. @sUpErWeLsHrHyS

    if ur that confident ur collapsed team will do well then why u getting annoyed? wenger is the only one that can save u now. he’s a good manager. but if he can’t get u in the top 6 this season, then no-one can. i would be worried if i was u.

  24. @PlayerKillerRS

    No but thats not what you said. you said “if Man City ever come across United, Liverpool, Arsenal, ect. in the “FA CUP” they are 100% out of the competition. when we are obviously NOT. and havn’t been !
    No-one ever mentioned the Charity Sheild did they !! or else YOU WOULD HAVE SAID if we ever come across them teams in the “C.S.” we are deffo out.
    listen – 8-2 8-2 8-2 8-2 8-2 8-2
    wow….. Wilshire and Frimpong… oh SHIT… please dont!! LMAO!!

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