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24 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger says sorry to the Arsenal fans after the 3 1 defeat to Aston Villa”

  1. Le bolox bolox bolox I thinking bolox bolox le bolox de fucking bullshit – arsene wenger

  2. Hello there Arsenal fans. I am felling depressed. My doctor suggested, to cheer me up, that i should ask Arsenal fans how much they pay to sit at the emirates. So, how much do you pay to watch an underachieving team who spends nothing on transfers? Thanks

  3. WE DONT want an apology.
    We want signings.
    I love this man, what he has done for Arsenal football club is truly legendary. He is a hero of this football club that will be forever remembered. But even heroes make mistakes. We severely lack depth, Sagna at CB for a 3rd game in a row? Only 2nd week of the season? Despite the fact we have more than 100m sitting there? It makes no sense! We HAVE to strenghen Arsenal. If we dont it will hurt us severely over the course of the long hard season!

  4. I sometimes feel bad for this guy on some of the shit he gets from fans. It’s just one freaking game and everyone is calling for his head, same thing happened early in last season but look at the run they had towards the end, even beating Bayern at home. In my humble opinion I believe this guy is one if not the best coach in the EPL at the momen, given what he has to work with. This is coming from a Chelsea fan.

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  6. When Dein were in charge Wenger done an exeptional job but until Gazidis and Kraonke came along everything fucked up

  7. Di Maria is on Real’s transfer list, Real still considering buying Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale. With Arsenal interest in both Di Maria and Benzema, Real might considering selling them to strenghen the bid for Bale and make a bid for Suarez. Don’t think this is unreal because in football the imposible can be possible. Atleast that’s my logic lol.

  8. If you know anything about football or if you where a true Arsenal supporter you would know that Wenger is not at fault it`s the people above him that are the problem. Wenger is a genius and Arsenal would be terrible without him

  9. No way will Benzema or Di Maria leave Madrid …. get real so you don`t get disappointed by unrealistic expectations

  10. Benzema and Di maria is looking very likely and Michu and Asley William will fit perfectly

  11. w
    he needs sacking i know he did brilliant in the past but we need results and changes now he doesnt know anything we have a squad thats probs gonna get 6th because as soon as someone gets injured we have no one to bring on whos actually good we need a centre back right back centre mid and striker

  12. Thats why I don’t celebrate when we win. I’ve been anti Wenger since the end of the 10/11 season. Our standards have gone so low that we celebrate 4th place. I appreciate all his done for Arsenal, but he needs to go and theirs thousands if not millions of other Arsenal fans who believe just like me.

  13. STFU faggot. Nothing to brag about by beating fener. Next time I want to hear from douchbags like you is when Arsenal win a trophy or Wenger is sacked.

  14. So what arsenal beat fener. Where’s the trophies?quakifuing for UCL isn’t a trophy. We are Arsenal.We want trophies!!nit fourth place!! Wengers standards has dropped

  15. i mean we were lucky to field a team today, why put your club in such a risk above everything on field results should not come in jeopardy. what if we had to field 5 or 6 youngsters today? im pretty sure benzema nor di maria wouldve even be mentioned so cut the crap

  16. I went fully retarded? is predicting a good result retarded? Yeah 3-0 to Arsenal, bids for Benzema and Angel Di Maria! You should be ashamed of yourself.

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