Reports have been out to the excitement of the Arsenal fans that the club has decided to honor its most successful Manager in the history, Wenger, who served the club from 1996 to 2020. Arsene Charles Wenger was a former player and the French football manager. There have been several reactions about the club’s decision to put up the statue of Wenger outside the Emirates Stadium. Wenger had his tenure of highest victory when his men won titles in three Premier League and Seven Cups in FA.


He is the man with the credit for his endeavor in transferring American football over generations since 1996. He is known for his brilliance in player scouting and improvised the style of the players in the ground. It is gaining huge attention that the team players are planning to erect a bronze statue of their legendary boss, and the construction is under progress. The team players are expecting his return in the pre-season so that they can make the celebrations of unveiling the statue in his presence. The news had gained a massive reaction on Twitter that is far away appealing. There have been even opinions that the decision is the right way to honor such an exceptional persona manager in the history of Arsenal.

With the completion, Wenger would possibly join the ex-players Dennis Bergkamp and two more to receive the honor. After his tenure completion in the year of 2018, Wenger managed to be in FIFA. The 70-year-old is now heading for the development of football worldwide. At FIFA, he is happy about dealing with a capable position where he can help football to grow beyond boundaries. He has resorted himself not only to the Men sport but is hoping to contribute towards the world’s women football globally. He has decided to put his efforts in mending the law as well and is a member of the International Football Association Board.