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25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 2 Hull City 0 – Moh sends Heartfelt Message To Legend Pat Rice”

  1. Moh sends Heartfelt Message To Legend Pat Rice after #Arsenal win over #HullCity.

  2. Hahaha what a load of shit he says some times. Slates bendtner 24/7 (who
    doesn’t) then says he loves him. This paperwieght bendtner doesn’t deserve
    to wear the shirt with the minimalistic effort he has put in for arsenal.

  3. Good interview from that guy, great message to Pat Rice at the end. You can
    do it Pat.

  4. Arsenal could play Vermaelen at CDM but I know we need a centreback as a
    subsitution, if needed. Vermaelen would be amazing at CDM because of his

  5. I was looking forward to this video more than any. I respect Moh’s point of
    view more than any others, and I agree completely. Why hate on Bendtner
    when he’s out there doing his job for Arsenal, even scoring a goal? As long
    as he’s in a shirt, I’ll love him. What’s changed at Arsenal IMO and made
    them title contenders is their newfound positivity. That’s why it’s
    important to be positive always, even about Bendtner!

  6. He’s absolutely right! Pat Rice is a huge huge Arsenal legend! 42 years at
    the club, my best wishes to Pat and I hope he gets well soon!!

  7. Bendtner is an arrogant shit prick,but he must continue to support him
    while he plays in red and white
    Booing one of our own players will get us nowhere

  8. “Can we win the league? Without a doubt! The question is WILL we win the
    league?” I’ve been saying that over and over for the past few weeks. 

  9. sorry moh. You talk of depth.

    Truth is we replaced an international RB with a barely capped,
    mistake-prone and inexperienced RB. Not even going to get started on the
    forwards situation. CB. do u trust a verm-kos or verm-per pairing?

    All the top teams have 3 great strikers that give different elements.
    strength, pace, intelligence and finishing. We have 1 striker that has
    strength and intelligence.

    We have form on our side but not the ruthlessness of City. and I think
    that’ll make them champions. We’ll challenge but I think we’ll pay the
    price for not being able to absolutely roast and devour teams goals-wize. I
    think the pundits are justified in writing us off. But that’ll make it all
    the more awesome when we win.

  10. Pat Rice is a legend. Even though I’ve never seen him play, he has been a
    great servant to the club. I thought he was at Arsenal for 44 years, but
    nevertheless he is amazing and I pray that he beats cancer.

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