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26 thoughts on “Alexandre Song compilation”

  1. @InWengerWeTrust123 because he is such a good defencive midfielder.
    fabregas can be replaced by either ramsey or wilshere

  2. 158 app for Arsenal and his only 23, he was very good this season, I think it was his best season so far, but he got tired towards the ending, because we had no back up for him and he ended up playing Carling and FA Cup matches as well when he could have been rested, next season we would have ”Frimpong” as back up for him.

  3. @InWengerWeTrust123 na, we got ramsey, wilshere and nasri to replace him, loosing song would be a tragedy

  4. @InWengerWeTrust123 na, we got ramsey, wilshere and nasri to replace him, loosing song would be a tradegy

  5. @bvnnbv
    I feel the same way dude! I play DMF, I am also regarded as one of the most technically gifted players. Cause in our position we need ball control, cause we get the ball from every angel. I don’t score mutch, but I create and give the team a boost in attack when needed. Alex song is a very big motivatior for me… Me, like him did not start as a starting 11. I’m 16, and now I train and have played 3 games with the A-team seniors. I’m just in my first year as a junior. Song inspired me!

  6. Song, Fabregas, Nasri and RvP are the best Arsenal players. Wilshere will soon join their ranks.

  7. @smistry93
    sagna arrived 3 years ago and got into the team of the season in his first year. sagna was useless to arsenal 5 years ago because he wasn’t at the club so i guess in that respect you have a point.

  8. i hated Song and Sagna 5 years ago; they were useless. Dont know how Wenger was able to see the potential at such a early stage.

  9. Is alex song any good? well he cant be because u cant win a game of monopoly with no cash its just not possible. it doesnt make sense. so hes not very good

  10. @simonmni Who the hell have you been watching? Rigobert Song? This compilation merely confirms what a massive player he’s been for us from last year. He left in Jan for AFCON and we were left wondering WHO was gonna fill his place remember??Ok, I remember West Brom seeing caught out once or twice, but to overlook an excellent season as just regular-come on! He’s a massive influence for us and to me better than Mobi (Mikel) so far.

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