Gunners Zone Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Alexandre Song, just fabulous”

  1. most improved player EVER! this guy was so shit when he first came to arsenal now he is one of the top DM in the league!!! credit to him and mr wenger

  2. I love song to bits, he is one of my favourite players. But everytime i see 3:09 on youtube or the arsenal season review goals im like NO DONT DO FANCY YOU LUCKY BASTARD hahaha

  3. hes crap..
    should sit on the bench..
    not the pitch..believe me..
    arsenal need someone else…

  4. @Etookid9 I think if Arsenal has a good Defensive midfielder or Wilshere play that DM postion
    he can partner Vermaelen

  5. great vid’.. finally someone makes a vid bout a defender /midd defender & show us how good he is in tackles etc.. not just goals!!

  6. @SuperSkuxxDeluxx well , arsenal will never go down atleast not in my heart ! arsenal till i die !

  7. @MrImbecilio they’re gna get cesc… and your right he’s half of arsenal… you guys are going downhill lol

  8. @Haaaaaaawe is it just me or barcelona want’s half of arsenal !?? you wont get any of ’em

  9. VERY VERY UNDERRATED player, he has consistantly been excellent, another signing from Wenger of an unknown potential

  10. So proud of him when he played against United! Made many great tackles and a few times in the match, Rooney and Nani ran in to him and every time they got bumped and fell to the ground. Being in the same room as some United supporters it felt great to see that happen 😀

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