Gunners Zone Movie Ranking: four / five

22 thoughts on “Goal Diggerz webisode: Alex Song”

  1. Damn, I’m still pissed that Song had to leave Arsenal, Arsenal £@cked that one up big time!!

    But I always back my African brothers to do well and prosper.

    C’est beaucoup de respect et de prospérité pour lui d’un frère des Caraïbes. La paix!

  2. Cameroonian brother.!!! I love ndole for life too man. !! Goodluck in Barcelona hope u do even more than etoo

  3. whoever provides the name of that track Song had playing, is a champ! hahaha cheers yo

  4. ahh why didn’t i see this b4 he was leaving, we will miss you song ! ahhhh FUCK SAKE MAN ….

  5. Im suprised. I thought he would have lived in a more crazy and “colorfull” crib and not that stylish.

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