It has been four years since Arsene Wenger ended his 22 year association with Arsenal which saw the London side become a real powerhouse. Since then Arsenal have been in sort of a wilderness with three coaches signed since then. It has been six years that Arsenal played in Europe premier competition.


Wenger has since gone on to hold key position at both UEFA and FIFA, as he tries to stay in touch with the game of football that he fell in love with. In a recent interview, the Frenchman has open the door to the possibility of coming back to Arsenal. Although it would be impossible for Wenger to lead an Arsenal side out of the dugout at this stage.


The 72 years old recently opened up ahead a documentary of his life which he unsurprisingly called the “invincibles”. He dropped a couple of hint that could see him return to Arsenal in some capacity. Arteta has talked about his desire to see the former Arsenal coach return to the club. The Spaniard was brought to Arsenel by Wenger from Liverpool, and he would be key in bringing back Wenger to the club.


Wenger has always maintained that the idea of club football us something that has always appealed to him, which ruled out an possibility of seeing him take over an International side. According to Wenger, “I’m more interested in getting results and guiding a club”. Though things are starting to change at Arsenal with the club in the mix for champions league footbal next season. They still need the guidance that only a man like Arsene can provide.


For now Arsene Wenger is more focused on the technical side of the game, as FIFA continues making changes to the game. He would also love to see his dream of a biannual world cup coming to pass before he would look at getting a management role at Arsenal.