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25 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings from the Arsenal”

  1. oh how i love how some of the team spek in their own language and then Andre Santos comes out with english when he is brazilian

  2. is it just me or does it sound like sagna said he would like to go to “synagogue” for christmas? XD

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  4. @A1Avishek He was busy writing a written transfer request when this video was being filmed :L

  5. @saywhatnowx it’s actually based on which mazhab (school of law) the country you’re lived. Islam have 4 different mazhabs – some are okay with marriage without converting, some are not.

  6. @agoonersdream1 guys, you can be married to a muslim anytime without converting. muslims do not force you to convert. but if you love the one you marry, then they convert.

  7. @Badaman1996Yoooutmoi in Europe at certain countries, you can married to muslims without converting.

  8. how is he not muslim whens he’s married to a muslim thats not possible dumbass.

  9. Buddy its not cold in new york on christmas, and they will be lucky to have a white christmas.

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