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25 thoughts on “Carlos Vela Goals and Skills”

  1. I know Wenger is no fool and I don’t know hat happens in training but I
    can’t understand how he would keep Bendtner and sell Vela

  2. Giroud wasn’t there when Vela was in Arsenal so your argument is moot.
    Wenger even got rid of Adebayour to leave a vacant striker role for Vela to
    have playing time but failed. He has given lots of playing time to develop
    on loan in Salamanca, Osasuna. Carling Cups and FA cup minutes before
    transitioning to the Premier league and champions league and couldn’t hack
    it as a 9 thats why Wenger placed him as a winger.

  3. Actually I deleted my comment because I wrote something backwards, and you
    just don’t seem to understand simple facts. Clearly a Giroud fan boy.

  4. On what basis and analysis can you prove this??? Like I said bunch of times
    you are giving me “could of” “would of” arguments to back up your
    opinionated argument. I’ll say it again. Vela is NOT a striker but a
    forward. Vela WAS given proper minutes to develop at Arsenal first til he
    became more of a winger of what he is today. He already wen’t through the
    striker role process at Arsenal before and was placed below Chamakh and
    Bendter what makes you think he is better than Giroud now? LOL

  5. That if I miss Vela its irrelevant since I am not a Arsenal fan. Just
    calling out the bullshit when I see it when people seem to sugarcoat his

  6. La neta que mal pedo que no este contento de venir o no pueda.. Pero lo
    entiendo… yo haría lo mismo.

  7. Lol, Walcott has played a few games as a striker, so you’re wrong about
    that my friend. Also, you quite literally are a retard. Have I ever said
    what I am presenting is facts? Please go through my comments and tell me
    where I said that I am giving facts that are wrong? You’re retarded. Vela
    is a better finisher than Giroud, if you think otherwise then you obviously
    know nothing about football. So, if you DO want facts, Chamakh and Vela
    were never at the club together for long, look it up. Moron.

  8. Lol ur an idiot. I would love to see the FACTS you told me though…
    Anyway, striker doesn’t mean you have to stay central and stay in between
    loads of players and just be a target man. Watch Walcott play as striker,
    you might learn a bit about different roles in football since they are
    obviously not as straight forward as you think…

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