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24 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger On Arsenal’s Title Rivals, Transfers And Gervinho”

  1. “Well, I do not want to comment individually because I do not want to destabalize other clubs, I do not want to do to other clubs do to us”. < I hope uefalona are watching this, Take as much as possible from those rats for cesc, this coming from a Blue through and through.

  2. ‘Man united will be strong, City will be strong, Chelsea will be strong, Liverpool will be strong and Tottenham will be there’ looooool. You can tell he hates them!

  3. @TryEvaflow Yes his just a young back up, so he would have time to develop,
    Wenger has said he wants to sign a CB, and Vermaelen is back, Kozzi-Djourou would be good back up to the new CB n Verma,
    if Fabregas leaves am sure Wenger would replace him, Ramsey and Nasri are dying for that spot, so the LW would be open maybe the Mata rumour is really true then….

  4. @gmanakadezil …..I did say looks didn’t I? so I am hopeful. Perhaps harsh a bit yeh…..but I just feel there is a nonchalance about our current situation…and i can see a last mad dash of transfers that see us selling nas and fab…and not replacing them in time with proper replacements and/or adding defense reins in time…while the board chuckles at the new haul of maybe that pent up frustration was placed at the new lad..who really is a young backup.

  5. @TryEvaflow your just a negative minded person, simple as that, Jenkinson plays so good in every pre season match so far, then he makes 1 mistake and his suppose to be bad, what about remembering his run down the sides, his crosses, his speed when he tracks back.

  6. Arsene cleared out our defenses year before last – senderos, toure, gallas, silvestre…and clichy this year….for the muppet squillaci and after this friendly Jenkingson looks bound for sesame street….sigh set plays will rape us yet again !

  7. a bit worrying if we are looking for only 1 defender since left back will again kill us

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