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25 thoughts on “Alex Song – Forward |11/12|”

  1. song and rvp will never be forgotten. i will tell my children like my father told me about maradona and pele.

  2. whats wrong with wenger? lets see a team not winning a trophy for 8 years and still be the 5th most financial team in the world. Oh yeah it was songs decision to leave arsenal not wenger….he just didnt mind it. Remember song is the same person people were trashing about the worst buy ever back in 2005 but he said be patient and he was right….same thing last season when he put van persie as striker everybody was laughing and saying that is a bad decision…now look…dont underestimate wenger

  3. £15m what a fuckin bargin barc got his only 24 wenger what is wrong with you oh i forgot profit,

  4. The most under rated player in the world of football, yes RVP was critical for the gunners last year but how many would he of actually of score with out Song?? He will be missed 🙁

  5. A brilliant player and a great signing…
    Welcome “SONG” to Barcelona….

  6. I hope in Barcelona he will learn how to be a better actor, good luck Alex!

  7. Winning the league without loosing a game isnt a big thing? Then why has Barcelona NEVER done it? 😀 I have supported Arsenal since I was born since I lived very close to Highbury. See, I support my local team, not some team across the world who win everything.

  8. im a fan since 2000 but even if 2006 we were not very good team so it’s not a reason , and you supported Arsenal since 2004 right ? Juventus won the league with 0 losses so it’s not a big thing , we won la liga 2004-2005 , 2005-2006 , 2008-2009 , 2009-2010 , 2010-2011 , CL 1992 , CL 2006 , CL 2009 , CL 2011

    do you have all these ???! come on don’t talk better , BRB

  9. Didnt Barca go like 6 years without winning anything around 2000? I dont remember seeing any Barca shirts or people talking about Barca then. But as soon as Messi appears to carry Barca, suddenly every has always been a fan of them. Makes me laugh. How long you supported them? Since 2006 or so I bet 😛

  10. nah , since 2000 we love barca even if we failed sometimes but we came back and now we are the no.1 club in the world and if you love football , you gotta love Barca

  11. Arsenal is loved all over the world… Barca are just the current flavour because you have the best team at the moment. Will change with time.

  12. all the world love FC Barcelona unlike Arsenal , only the people from London

    Yup Son this is Barca More Than Club

  13. no im just here to study and go back to Catalunya in spain not iraq becuase of the Terrorism

  14. So an American Iraqui considering a Spainish team to be their team. Right. That is about all I need to hear. Cyao.

  15. but we won the CL 2006 , 2009 , and 2011
    and UEFA Super Cup twice , also , the World cup for clubs twice
    so have a team that can compete with the biggest and toughest teams in Europe

    i live in USA but im from Iraq the country who defeated Portugal and CR7 4-2 in the Olympics 2004 , LOL that’s all what we did

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