If you are totally committed to your profession and always ready to work hard, you can come out of any adverse situation. Aaron Ramsey is a prime example of it. Where he was at the end of the 2012-13 Season and where he is now, there is a huge difference.

Last summer, Ramsey was verbally tormented by the Arsenal supporters. They wanted the playmaker not to be given a place in the starting line up in any of the matches. Many of them, in fact, were calling for him to be sold.

But, the Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, didn’t do that. He knew that Ramsey was god enough to be playing at that level. All he needed was to work on the mental side of things.

So, he backed the playmaker, played him right since the start of the last season and Ramsey managed to shut his critics’ mouths in some style.

In the 23 matches that Ramsey played for the Gunners during the 2013-14 league campaign, he found the back of the net 10 times.

If one compares these numbers to Ramsey’s previous year’s numbers, which was 1 goal in 36 league matches, the difference would be clearly visible.

It’s not Wenger alone who is responsible for Ramsey’s resurgence. Yes, he is responsible to some extent for not losing the faith in the player, but, the player himself should also be given credit for putting in that much hard work and getting his career back on track.

The kind of criticism Ramsey was suffering last summer, a lot of players would have got demoralized and their performance would have deteriorated even more. But, Ramsey with his mental strength and gritty character battled out that extremely difficult phase of his career.