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20 thoughts on “Vassiriki Abou Diaby ‘Arsenal’s Athletic Midfielder’”

  1. bullet shot,this guy is so good holding the ball and bursting away from players,shame about all the injuries

  2. Diaby is so underrated. Feel sorry for the big man, hope he gets a chance to prove himself before the season is over

  3. Was doing really well this season, then paul robinson smashed his ankle up and then essien thought hed have a go too.

    good video

  4. Yeah your right tbf, it’s just because Nasri has great skill and when he does that it looks like he is carrying the ball because its quite mesmerising. But most Arsenal midfielders have great dribbling ability tbh.

  5. Nasri’s not as direct as Diaby is with his dribbling though. Nasri undoubtedly has amazing dribbling ability but it’s rare you’ll see him take it past players like Diaby does. Although this season he is doing it more.

  6. Most of that i agree with but i think Nasri is the best dribbler in the Arsenal team, other than that your right.

  7. Another quality video. Really loved the way you used angle changing in this one and, as ever, you had a great variety of clips, great rarity of clips and the clip quality was crisp. In my opinion Diaby doesn’t have the vision that he needs to play in his position but he adds certain aspects that come in handy in some games. He definitely needs to start shooting more when he gets into good positions, though. Else the only thing he offers, that others don’t, is strength and dribbling ability.

  8. The whole team needs to, not only Diaby. But yeah, Abou’s level vary too much, sometimes he’s the best on field and sometime poorest. If he can keep he’s level same, he can be world class.

  9. He needs to take more shoots outside the penalty area >.< Great player nonetheless

  10. He has so much potential to be world class. He needs to stay fit, and play a whole season without injury!

  11. I love Abou Diaby <3
    Il est à nous 😛 Nous les Français 😛
    Et on en a bien besoin 😀

  12. people compare him to vieira and you can see why. If he stays fit and keeps working hard it could be him and jack in the middle for years.

    another quality vid by the way 🙂 excellent

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