In terms of betting odds there is little to choose between the three favourites if this season’s premiership. Let’s look at the options:

Chelsea is the current co-favourite with odds of 9/4 and in many ways they are asset for a comeback to the top. They have enjoyed considerable success in the Europa League and the Champions League, and with the return of the much loved Jose Mourinho to the helm they could be all set to take the 2013/14 Premiership.

Manchester City is the other co-favourite at 9/4. Their new boss Manuel Pellegrini has been widely tipped to be the difference that City needs, though their recent defeat at Cardiff doesn’t bode well. Obviously their defence against corners needs some urgent attention.

Manchester United is the third favourite and is priced at 3/1. This is going to be a tough year for their new boss David Moyes, the boots of Sir Alex Ferguson are going to be difficult to fill. However he has managed to keep the services of striker Wayne Rooney, whether this is a good thing or not only time can tell. The rest: the odds on fourth favourite Arsenal are 18/1, on Tottenham and Liverpool they are 20/1 and on every other club they are casino type odds with Everton priced at 500/1 next up to Crystal Palace at 15000/1.

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