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8 thoughts on “Tackle Analysis: Paul Robinson tackles Abou Diaby”

  1. paul at it again he is just appalling haha some of his challenges christ hes a joy to watch but should be banned from football worldwide haha

  2. @300fingers yes, you’re right. I must be a prick for having an opinion that differs from yours. He makes poor, reckless tackles too often for my liking, therefore I for one do not respect him. However, I don’t necessarily think you’re a prick because you do. You clearly are a prick, though. Calling for Diaby to ‘man-up’ because he’s injured after that tackle…you may aswell say that Ramsay and Eduardo should man-up too.

  3. @narchard ‘thug’ haha he is not a thug u prick he is an experienced respected player that had made a poor reckless tackle , but abou darby needs to man up

  4. Paul Robinson is just a dirty, horrible player, and this tackle justified a lengthy ban. Diaby still hasn’t recovered while that thug can play every week. It’s a disgrace.

  5. It happens so quickly I don’t think he could change his decision in a millisecond. You’ve just slowed it down.

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