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15 thoughts on “Carlos Vela | Are You Not Entertained | 2012”

  1. his skill level with the ball is far better then chicharito but on thing that keeps vela away from chicha is that chicha has more passion and hart when playing, Mine Over Matter if vela gave it his all then he will be mexico’s best for world cup2014 hope he plays with more passion in his new club in also with mexico

  2. dude what are you talking about?! as a vela fan the least you should want for him is to go back to wenger! please bro hes already being given the chance with real.. sure arsenal has 50% of him bt that still doesnt mean real will be willing to lose their star

  3. well, he was young when he moved to Arsenal, truth is that mexican players should NEVER try to go the Premier League and should aim to La Liga which fits better with the mexican style.

  4. @TheOnlyFooty he no longer pertains to Arsenal, he is with Real Arsenal sold him indefinitely

  5. He really is a mile better! Pre season is doing him well, he’s got the fitness level to re join the first team, Wenger just needs to give him a chance.

  6. Now he just needs to get back in top form, cant wait for him to return to the selection, hes better than chicharo, by miles

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