England Premiere League team Arsenal and Tottenham’s target Alen Halilovic has played down talk of a move to Italy and told his taste to go to Spain or England. Alen is one of the most desired talents of Europe after breaking in Croatian national football team at the age of only seventeen.

It was thought that Tottenham was close to a contract for the footballer over summer and has carried on dialogues regarding a move since that time, but came to have maddened the footballer’s family by telling that they would like him to begin playing at a youth level at Tottenham.

It has seen German giants Bayern Munich and English Premier League club Arsenal enter the run. Some news suggests that a contract to send Alen to Germany at the season’s end has already been done.

New reports suggest that they have not reached any agreement. Recently, a leading website reported that Alen Halilovic told that he was never been in dialogues with either Juventus or Inter Milan. Zdravko Mamic is dealing with transfer market. He would not like to reveal which is his favorite team in case he joins another team. He expressed his fondness for EPL and hinted that Tottenham has not yet given up home of giving up their man. He told that during previous summer, he was near to an EPL club, and they are still tracking him.