Arsenal have lost out in the race to make the final four that would have earned them an ticket to the Champions League next season.

The Gunners went into the last game with the fear of losing their usual ticket but they probably prayed that Liverpool lost or draw.

Liverpool went into the final round of games with a point above Arsene Wenger’s menand they won to seal their spot in Europe. This would be the first time in two decades that Arsenal have failed to qualify for the competition.

The fans were hopeful after Hector Bellerin scored the first goal in the game against Everton at Goodison Park under ten minutes. News filtered in that they had the advantage as Liverpool were yet to score against Boro. The Teessiders were already relegated from the top flight so it was a bit surprising.

However, the Reds got the needed confidence boost when GeorginioWihnaldum scored in the stoppage time of the first half. After the break, Jurgen Klopp and his boys sailed to a comfortable 3-0 rout. Liverpool have crumbled before ‘small teams’ this season so it was legitimate fear that they could throw the game when it mattered the most.

Arsenal won the game 3-1 with RomeluLukaku converting a penalty. Wenger said it was “annoying” that despite their efforts they would sit out the Champions League next year. He said the issues emanating from uncertainty over his future contributed to the team’s slump. He thanked the players for coming back stronger in the last two months.

Klopp said the last game was “the game of the season” despite the team playing “bigger games.” They finished with 76 points with Manchester City two points above them. Chelsea were crowned champions after amassing 93 points while Spurs would have to try again next year after garnering 86 points in 38 games – their best finish in a very long time.