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20 thoughts on “Alexandre Song-||The African Rhino||HD||”

  1. @genabet123 I felt the opposite. When I saw him play at Charlton, I thought you could see the qualities he had. The problem is most people just call players crap until they hit their prime. No body knows how to properly judge a young talent anymore.

  2. He plays tough but with out trying to break players legs. Wish more defensive mids learned how to tackle properly.

  3. @teeayyrsvids he wont go to prison! he is a professional footballer, they get away with murder..literally!

  4. I reckon he’d be amazing if he just stayed in front of the back four, as a proper DM player, he shouldn’t attack as much and just be a pure defensive player. Just my comment, plus opinion.

  5. I have to admit though, when he first played at Arsenal, I thought to myself, “this player is useless”! Although it seems harsh, because he was so young at the time. He is still developing to be fair. I have many mates who support Arsenal that get frustrated with his hunger to go forward, which I can understand, but I’m sure Song will further improve. I don’t think offensively he would be as dynamite as Essien going forward, with his passing. However, I reckon he’ll be amazing if he stayed jus

  6. So underrated. If he isn’t already, he will be no doubt the best DM in world football in the not too distant future. People seem to forget that he’s only 23 years old.

  7. I remember when i said that you are slow and clumsy, now I regret my words, and i hope you stay with us for a long time !

  8. IF Arsenal had fellaini playing for them, i think they would be a much better side that could probably win the league.

  9. Another center back to help Vermaelen and Song will truly flourish imo 🙂 gooood vid..need a man utd choke to salvage this season!!!

  10. Alex Song is so badass! Also looking at his skill and crossing I reckon he could be quite good on the wing 😉

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