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31 thoughts on “Abou Diaby Tribute”

  1. If Diaby could go more than 3 games without getting injured he would be a beast.

    His last purple patch was in the 09/10 season, he hasn’t been the same since then because he keeps getting niggles and other little injuries.

  2. Great video, I love Diaby, think you should have had the red card at the start though, the same way you had the low points with Eboué at the beginning! Thought it worked really well! Great video nonetheless!

  3. When i first saw him I assumed because of his size he was a defensive midfielder. When I saw this i couldn’t stop laughing. Hes huge but he dribbles so well…

  4. give him 2 mins alone in a room wid joe barton and hed straiten that dick head out 🙂

  5. @ldonhawk i think hed be better utilez as a centre foreward/atacking mid playing behind 2 striker but arself dont play tht way :[

  6. Arsene has not utlized Abou’s obvious strength — attacking in the final third. He is wasted as a midfielder, as he cannot tackle properly, and does not have the defensive aggression in his temperament. Abou is an offensive player who would be an asset closer to goal — the dude has a wicked shot, and nimble feet in the box. He needs to be played upfront as a striker where he would be more effective.

  7. He can be a good payer. The only thing that lets him down is,that he is not consistant enough and lacks concentration a little too much at times.

  8. just sayingg, where’s his tackle/pass in the build up to Bentdners goal at the Nou Camp? great video though

  9. He really shouldn’t have been sent off against Newcastle at the weekend – a yellow card maybe, but Barton’s acting antics made it look far worse, resulting in an undeserved red.
    It’s a real shame, as he’s such a brilliant player.

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