Gunners Zone Video Score: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Abou Diaby – Get Well Soon 2013”

  1. oh and shout out to the uploader, great video!! love that you kept the
    commentary and didn’t just make it all music like so many other people..

  2. its unbelievable, the amount of players who’ve deliberately gone for his
    ankles just to get him off the pitch, shows how controlling and commanding
    he is, if he ever gains full fitness and maintains it who knows what he
    could achieve

  3. DIaby has been Arsenal’s missing link ever since VIera left. It’s why
    Wenger has persisted with him through out all the injuries like Van Persie,
    and also why he hasn’t gone for another big DM in the past 4 or 5 seasons,
    we’ve all seen what a big central midfielder with quick feet can do to this
    league (yaya toure) now Diaby will do the same and dominate, hope his
    injuries are well behind him now… 

  4. City fan here.

    Don’t think there’s anything I want more from next season than for Diaby to
    have a fully fit year. Such a talent.

  5. Without the fuckin injuries hes a Yaya Toure or a Patrick Viera….get well
    Abou we need you for the tough fixtures in March 2014

  6. He is like Yaya Toure of Manchester City honestly, it be amazing to have
    him back soon.

  7. get well soon Abou, we need an arhletic misfielder in the park and may u
    come back stronger mentally and physically better than before. im keeping
    the faith hope he does the same

  8. The short spans I got to seem him play were wonderful. I so hope he can
    stop breaking.

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